The journey towards the journey

Countdown Clock: T Minus 100 and Counting - The Countdown to a StartUp 

Change is possible but it is a process and it takes time and very very few people actually devote the energy required to actually make real change happen for them. (Yet there is hope - I promise!)

You are after all your connectome:

What I refer to as the success circus feeds off people that do, at least consciously, want to change makes a lot of money but the reality is it actually has pretty poor results. Silently they lament this to be in the range of 1 to 3% and they blame the people that show up as being not motivated enough or not willing to do what it takes or a host of other external (to them) reasons.

Think about that for a moment:

You just spent $10,000 to be in a room with hundreds of other people who did the same because you all want to be successful and the person at the head of the room claims he can make that happen for you. (After all he's successful -- he just filled a room with hundreds of people at $10K a head right!?)

The sad fact is that only 1 to 3 percent of those hundreds of people however actually eventually succeed.

Yet they never stop filling those rooms…

As an efficiency aficionado I always wondered how do we (as well as why don't we?) identify those 97% and either A) stop taking their money (cause they really can't afford it!) or B) find out why they didn't become successful and what, if anything, actually needed to change or what if anything we could do to actually help them instead?

I've watched people spend well over 100K on self-improvements and still be not much better off in the long run.

Yes -- I also have a confession to make: I was always one of those 97%

Way too many times…

Which provided me with some very unique perspectives on this whole universe of the change mongers. 

And yet I was motivated more than anyone could have possibly imagined. In fact at times my life literally depended upon change (more on that later as my story is told however).

Yet I failed spectacularly over and over again.…

However I never failed to learn the lesson (a lesson?) each and every time I failed.

That, as they say, made all the difference.

So now I'm going to be one of those guys that charges $10K a head to fill a room for a weekend? No (well maybe…) but my focus is and always will be on the 97% and how to help them achieve what all the other gurus have up till now only promised.

You see I paid attention during my journey and due to what I do for a living I have some very unique insights into the processes of change.

I postulate in fact that a successful person that has never been truly unsuccessful might actually be incapable of helping unsuccessful people become successful. They can only help successful people become more successful. Big claim I know. 

More on that later as I reveal my journey and my learnings along the way.

Much more…

So maybe my biggest failures are still yet to happen -- who knows? 

Maybe you've got a front row seat to a spectacular train wreck about to happen :)


Maybe some magical is about to happen instead.

Stay tuned. 

If my past is any indication it'll be entertaining either way!