Initial Instructions for Alpha Trail Participants

Introduction to The Magic Words "Done for You" Series

Software for the Mind -- Transformations for Life

Please note that at present you must log onto our system to obtain access to the materials provided. We are working on a no-password process for the future to make participation easier. If you have trouble please use our contact form for assistance. Note we do not presently provide telephone support at this phase of the container trial. 

The Theory Behind the Magic Words Technology.

The Magic Words technology is based on the theory that everything is already perfect and therefore nothing is in need of being fixed. 

You may, however, exercise your free will to choose a different perfect path. This email series provides an opportunity to do just that. With your express permission, each step of the way, we work with you to align your intention to the direction that you choose.

In each daily exercise we will perform The Magic Words on your behalf.

Doing so will transform something your body is currently choosing to react to as a potential threat and The Magic Words will simply "flip" it over, revealing the opportunities that the threat is presently masking.  

This exercise works on dissolving the masking that your body's natural defence mechanisms have wrapped the given topic in. 

While you may feel you do not need the exercise on a given topic or perhaps at first blush the topics might seem strange to have been selected nonetheless please trust the process to work it's (ahem) magic. 

It may take anything from several minutes to several days for the full effect(s) to manifest. 

You may repeat the exercise as often as you wish as each invocation will work on the "next" layer. At present we feel that repeating each exercise 5 days in a row is likely to have the most optimal effect.

Of course feel free to request your own topic(s) to be added to our library. 

Why are they "Done for You"?

Our research shows that while we can teach this process to others obtaining the mental "state" required for them to work effectively is difficult during the early stages of practice and our goal is simply to accelerate the process by moving past this road block first rather than waiting till you work past it on your own. 

Why do we repeat topics?

Simple - because it is far more effective. The repetitions tackle what is commonly referred to conceptually as "the onion" and each repetition moves to the the next deeper layer. Even if the layer(s) presently being worked up at this time are not yet ready to dissolve nonetheless the repetitions will help them dissolve at a future time when the key (another onion layer on another topic) is worked up.

Those chain reaction releases can be very profound when they happen.

Please do not deny yourself that experience simply because it feels like little or nothing is happening (yet) on each repetition.

As this technology does in minutes what most technologies do in hours or in some cases weeks or even months, we think asking for a little patience is more than justified.

Do I need to watch the entire video or can I just skip to the good part?

The video series is designed to be very short and the preamble is designed to allow your body and your mind's attention to prepare itself of the process coming up. We will work on making the series as efficient as possible but yes our answer will be that you should watch the entire video each and every time you wish to perform the exercise. 

Is there a daily limit to the number of times these video can be watched?

The answer to that depends on what you wish to achieve, and how fast your want significant results, however effectively no there is no limit. Under 30 repetitions or so the shift(s), while profound, will remain relatively comfortable. As you start climbing the repeat counts above 75 in any given 24 hour period you might have trouble living within the chaotic side-effects created.

You can't shift your relationship with one thing in the universe without shifting your relationship with everything in the universe and that total combined (or perhaps speed of) shift is what causes the discomfort -- not this process directly. 

Please Note: This is an Alpha Trail of the container and not The Magic Words themselves. The Magic Words have been in development for the better part of a decade and are based on research that extends over 2 decades. We do not want to release the program to the general public until we have done our due-diligence in ensuring the container is ready for prime time. While we will appreciate and honour direct referrals that you insist upon we please ask that you refrain from publicly sharing this at this time.